Apr 7 2014

more motion graphic works

Some more motion graphic works I did throughout last year.

Mar 10 2014

JCVD video

  So, I’ve always wanted to make cheesy action flick. Now thanks to Funny or Die, I got some free pre-keyed footage of Jean Claude Van Damme.
Due to limited time the sound is not at the level I want it to be, plus I have to do crappy voice over myself, but overall quite a fun project to work on =)

Jun 28 2013

World Machine + Vue

  Recently I got my hand on World Machine due to my job in 343 needed. It’s a wonderful program that generates realistic terrain, especially the type with lots of erosion.
  Vue is the program I’ve known for quite sometime. But I never use it much because I didn’t think it renders realistic image. Until combine with World Machine. I was manage to get some good looking images. It might not be super realistic, but never the less I think it’s believable.

Jun 28 2013

Velocify video and IBM TriTek

  Some new motion graphic videos I did

Mar 31 2013

Urban Jungle

  I started to play Crysis 3 lately, and I was blown away by the quality of the graphic and the “New York Jungle” environment. So I decided to do my own version of it. And I also decided to record my working process to make some sort of “tutorial”.

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